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Gemstone Suggestion

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All You Need To Know About Gemstone Suggestion

Gemstones are boons of nature; they help to get whatever we want in life. Every person in this world has to face some trouble. There are many advantages and disadvantages of wearing a gemstone. People who wear gemstones just get rid of their problems. But sometimes wearing the wrong gemstone can increase their problem. It is better to get a gemstone suggestion before buying or wearing a gemstone. It is not necessary to get a gemstone suggestion only before wearing a gemstone.

It is also important to get gemstone suggestions before buying a gemstone. Gemstone suggestions help to know which gemstone is suitable for us. If I wanted to buy a gemstone, then how much weight should be worn? There are many things you need to take care of while wearing a gemstone. The most effective and powerful gemstones are only 9.They are the fastest working gemstones, these nine gemstones are sometimes beneficial and also sometimes have a negative effect.

It is very important to get gems suggestions before wearing them. Semi-precious gemstones are also effective but some gemstones don’t need suggestion. Some semi-precious gemstones also affect negatively so they also need suggestions. Gemstone suggestions can help you know about your problem, which planet is giving malefic effects, which planet needs remedies and many more. Always get suggestions from an experienced astrologer. 

There are 9 planets and 12 houses, every planet and house is responsible for one thing. A different person faces different problems because their planets are travelling in different houses. Every gemstone is connected and ruled by different planets. Sometimes, precious gemstone doesn’t suit the ascendant but its substitute suits properly.

In gem’s suggestion you will get full details of a gemstone like which gemstone is suitable for you and why, how much weight you should, for what time you have to wear. Suggestion doesn’t mean asking your friend or family that which gemstone is suitable is for, which gemstone is going to looks good on me. Gemstone suggestion means asking an astrologer for it.

You don’t need every detail for suggestion; you only need your full name, date of birth, timing of birth and place of birth. In this service, you ask to our astrologer that which is your birthstone, suitable gemstone and lucky gemstone. Except all these you can also ask that which planet is giving malefic effect and needs instant remedies. You can also ask them till what time you have to wear. To knowing all these things, suggestion should be done by an expert, because a minor mistake can lead you to destroy everything. Sometimes, wearing the gemstone without asking an astrologer can weaken a planet in horoscope.

Placing different planets in different horoscopes creates yoga. Also different yog impacts different on person. If the yoga or dosha is negative then it can creates some problem like delay in marriage, health problem, Issues in career, increasing debts, can also cause sudden deaths. Every yog or dosh needs their remedies and what are the remedies of that yoga can be known after checking the horoscope.

In our gemstone suggestion, you can easily connect with our expert astrologer and know what’s going on your life. Which planet is wrongly placed, which planet needs remedies, what is your suitable gemstone, what is your lucky gemstone, what is your birthstone, which planet is giving malefic effect, which planet is weak, which planet is wrongly placed, till what time you need to wear to wear gemstone, what is the right procedure of wearing that gemstone, which day and time you have to wear and many more. You can ask all the queries related to gemstone.

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