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Moissanite stone wholesaler and dealer

Are you searching for a moissanite stone dealer, here we are. Moissanite and Diamond look alike. It is a very difficult task to tell the difference between Moissanite and Diamond. Many people are given moissanite instead of diamond and the charge is done for diamonds. That’s why a lot of care has to be taken while buying Moissanite or Diamond, because the chances of fraud are very high.

So while dealing in moissanite, be careful. Deal with that moissanite stone dealer which gives the original quality you want. Here are many moissanite stone dealers you will find but every moissanite stone dealer is not real. Finding a moissanite stone dealer is one the difficult task but now it becomes very easy because here is the best moissanite stone dealer for you.

Moissanite stone wholesaler and dealer

What is moissanite diamond?

Moissanite is a lab created from diamonds. It is less hard than diamond; its hardness in Mohs scale is 9.5. Moissanite is a substitute for diamond. The benefits that come from diamonds are also the same benefits from Moissanite. Anyone can wear moissanite diamond and it is more beneficial for people with zodiac sign Scorpio and it totally looks like diamond but it is less expensive than it.

People who are not able to afford diamonds can wear moissanite, it is just a substitute for diamonds.  Moissanite can be worn in ring, pendant, and bangles and also in other jewellery. Moissanite is not a fake diamond, it is just a lab created. People who are willing to wear diamonds can wear it.

People who recommend diamonds for astrological benefits but due to expense if they are not able to afford diamonds they can also buy moissanite, it is also effective. Most of the time diamonds are recommended for people with weak Venus, they can wear moissanite instead of diamond.

Difference between Moissanite and diamond

In terms of Natural: Diamond is natural, and moissanite is created in the lab but it doesn’t mean that moissanite is fake or not real. Moissanite is also a real diamond but it is just a substitute for diamond.

In terms of Expense: Diamond is very expensive and moissanite is less expensive than diamond. Moissanite is found at half the rate of diamond. Anyone can afford moissanite.

In terms of hardness: Diamond is very hard, moissanite is also hard. According to Mohs scale, diamond is 10 and moissanite is 9.5.  It is also hard but less than the hardness of diamond.

In terms of effectiveness: Moissanite is also effective, Diamond is also recommended to many people who have some astrological issues, and if they are not able to wear diamond they can wear moissanite instead of diamond.

In terms of beauty: As you know, diamonds look very beautiful, And if we talk about moissanite, then It looks like a diamond. The difference between moissanite and diamond cannot be recognized by any common man.

How to find best moissanite stone dealer:

You will find a wide range of moissanite stone dealers, but every moissanite stone dealer is not a real moissanite stone dealer, in other words every moissanite stone dealer does not deal in real moissanite. Here is the best moissanite stone dealer for you who deals in real moissanite. Shraddha Shree gems are the best moissanite wholesaler. We deal in original moissanite and also in diamond.

If you want to buy moissanite in wholesaler or personal use you can buy from Shraddha shree gems at an affordable price. Along with the moissanite we also provide the certificate with it. We are certified and genuine moissanite stone dealers. We provide natural and good quality products. We have been dealing with moissanite for a long time.

Loose Moissanite Diamond Collections


Moissanite diamond is like real diamond. It is Lab created diamond. It has same colour and clarity like real diamond. Moissanite has 9.25 hardness. There are many shapes of moissanite diamond like Heart, Round, Oval, Princess, Asscher, Emerald, Radiant, Cushion, and other fancy shapes.

As you known that moissanite diamond is like real diamond. Before buying moissanite you aware from fraud who are selling zircons. We only deal in certified moissanite diamond. If you want to buy then you can call us at 9811352177. We only give GRA certified moissanite.

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