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Rose Quartz Stone: Love Stone Benefits

Rose Quartz Stone: Love Stone Benefits

Rose Quartz stone is a stone of love and use for love. Rose Quartz is a very beautiful pink colored stone which is used for love, to attract someone towards you, to awaken love for oneself in one’s heart, to increase unity in family, and self love for many more benefits. The other name for it is also known as pink quartz, gulabi sphatik, pink stone or heart stone.

Rose quartz stone is also a birthstone for October month and a gemstone of fifth anniversary. Rose quartz is available in many different forms; it can be worn and also can be placed at home or office. It is a very affordable crystal, it can be afforded by everyone. Their prices depend on the size, cut, clarity and form but approx. its price starts from 200-300 per carat.

Benefits of Rose Quartz stone:

Good for relationships: As you read above, rose quartz is a stone of love. It is beneficial for relationships. It fixes the relationships issues, increases love between the couple and promotes a better strong relationship.

Increase self-love: It is a crystal of love that doesn’t mean that it increases love between two people, it is also good for the person who wants to love themselves. As it creates self love and kindness.

Effective for emotional healing: Rose quartz is an effective stone to use for healing purposes. It heals the emotional wound and helps to overcome the past wound.

Unlock the heart chakra: Rose quartz is connected with the heart chakra, it is responsible for unlocking the heart chakra. For activating the heart chakra you can use it while meditation.

Other benefits: Rose quartz can also be used for curing health disease, increasing coordination between family members. For attracting peace and calm, for attracting good luck and many other reasons.

rose quartz stone

How to use Rose Quartz Crystal:

There are many shapes, sizes; designs are available of rose quartz stone. You can wear it as jewellery and also can use it on your home decorations. All jewelries are available in rose quartz. Rose quartz stone can be worn ring, pendant, and mala and can be used while meditation. You can also use its crystal sphere, cluster, angel and other forms to place it at home or office.

Who can use or wear:

Rose quartz is a love crystal and can be used by anyone, it has no side effects. Anyone can wear or use rose quartz crystal. But, It is more beneficial for the people having relationship issues or wanting some emotional healing. Rose quartz should also be used by the people who have frequent fights in their home.

Cleansing Process of Rose Quartz:

Rose quartz crystals need cleansing from time to time. You can clean it by using various methods. You can use water or natural lights for cleansing it. You can hold it under cold running water or keep it in moonlight for a long time, keep it under salt water, and also try other methods of cleansing your rose quartz crystal. Cleansing your rose quartz crystal can be done once in a month.

Qualities of a Rose Quartz:

Colour: Rose quartz stone is of pink colour, but available from light pink to dark pink colour. Some rose quartz also looks white in colour.

Clarity: Rose quartz is usually translucent and opaque and mostly faceted. Fully transparent rose quartz is very rare. Mostly transparent rose quartz is used and looks more beautiful.   

Cut: Due to increasing technology, all the shapes and cuts are easily available. Rose quartz stone is also available in many different cuts and shades. They are easily available in mini cute shapes.

Weight: Rose quartz stone is available in different weights and sizes. Gem experts suggest big size stones. Because, big rose quartz of 10 to 50 carat has more energy and is more effective.

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