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Best Rudraksha: Nepal rudraksha or Indonesian rudraksha

Best Rudraksha: Nepal rudraksha or Indonesian rudraksha

There are many qualities of everything. But when it comes to astrology, only the best qualities should be chosen. People can easily find low quality and high quality but when it comes to rudraksha many people get confused whether Nepal rudraksha is good or Indonesian rudraksha is good. Here is the comparison of both rudraksha.

What is Rudraksha?

Rudraksha beads are the beads which are blessed by lord Shiva. People who wear rudraksha get all the benefits and blessings of lord Shiva. The word rudraksha is formed by “Rudra” means “Lord Shiva” and “aksha” means “tears”, it is said that when the lord Shiva lost his wife sati parvati, then he carried her and cried. Where tears are drops of lord Shiva there rudraksha tree is formed.

Benefits of rudraksha:

Health Benefit: Rudraksha is a blessed seed containing powerful healing properties. Wearing a rudraksha can help its wearer to cure disease, any type of long term health issue it can cure. And protect from having any disease.

Career Benefits: Rudraksha also helps to get success easily. All types of hurdles it removes from career. The wearer of rudraksha doesn’t need to struggle more for a better career or a professional life.

Protect from Mishaps: Rudraksha works as a protection on its wearer. Wearing a rudraksha can help you to protect yourself from accidents, sudden deaths and all types of mishaps. It works as a shield on the body.

Fulfil all the wishes: Wearing a rudraksha bead can also help to full fill all the wishes, all the dreams come true. The people who wear rudraksha get the things in favour. The person becomes powerful.

Everything gets controlled: Wearing rudraksha can help its wearer to get controlled by everything, greed, anger; ego, lust, affection and all the negative thoughts get controlled.

Some major difference between Nepal rudraksha and Indonesian rudraksha:

There are only two places in the whole world where rudraksha comes from. One is Nepal and another is Indonesia.

nepal rudraksha

Nepal Rudraksha: Nepal rudraksha are bigger in size, the mukhi or faces of Nepal rudraksha are clear and countable. They are expensive but pocket friendly. More use in astrology and effectiveness. Only 25% rudraksha trees in Nepal. Currently all the rudraksha are found in Nepal. Nepal rudraksha are heavier in weight. Nepal rudraksha are rare. Due to its big size, it will effect soon.

indonesian rudraksha

Indonesian Rudraksha: Indonesian rudraksha are smaller in size, Mukhi or faces of Indonesian rudraksha are not clear and not countable. These rudraksha beads are less expensive. Less use in astrology and less effective. 75% of rudraksha trees are in Indonesia. The first rudraksha was found in Indonesia. These rudraksha beads are less in weight. Indonesian rudraksha are easily available because they are produced in Bulk. Because of having a small size, it affects late. It takes some long periods of time to work.

No, Java rudraksha is the original rudraksha; it has all the similar properties like other rudraksha.

No, Java rudraksha in natural beads and it is effective. It takes more time to effect but it does.

Yes, rudraksha beads can be worn with gemstone. Both gemstones and rudraksha will give their benefits. There is no negative effect of wearing rudraksha with gemstones.

An average size of rudraksha (amla size) is good for astrology, after amla size other rudraksha having similar size of berries are good but pea’s size rudraksha is not good for astrology and should be avoided.

Both rudraksha are beneficial, both rudraksha give the same benefits. Indonesia and Nepal origin doesn’t matter to its effect. Both rudraksha have the same properties and benefits.

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